iOS 9: Awesome concept with many new features

Just over a month ago we began to talk about what could be the next version of Apple’s operating system, dreaming how we wanted it to iOS 9. We were asking to include new features that make it more functional and practical and before that its release could be at the end of 2015 by looking at the behavior that the Cupertino company has had in recent years.

Now begin to emerge the first concepts of what could be the future iOS 9. Specifically, today we want to show that created by Ralph Theodore, a great lover of technology that has sought to publicize their ideas through a video where It shows plenty of exciting new features to the new version of iOS.

Ralph maintains the same design as the operating system currently has since wanted to focus all his attention on teaching those features, options, and innovations that would want to be present in iOS 9. Let’s see what they are!


Within the Settings option, some functions that could be very useful would be added. The first one is “Search Settings” with which one could quickly find the desired setting by typing its name and performing a quick search. This would save all this time we spend sometimes find what they want within the application. In the same vein, we would find the option “History Settings” where we would show all the recent changes made to settings can undo with a simple click.

Within the same application, some options that allow us to customize further our device would be included. Theodore proposes Colour Look; we could customize the color buttons, the elements of the user interface (UI) and the control center.

Finally, within the settings include a night mode that would provide a better viewing experience in low-light. Besides that, thus it helps in saving the battery of our iPhone or iPad, so do not be asked for anything more!

Multitasking, Siri and Spring Board

Multitasking within the Settings option be included in all sites (Settings Everywhere) through which access to application settings and privacy would be much easier, and we should just slide down. And thanks to the function of the active applications Close all we could slide up the home screen, and the button could appear simultaneously close all apps that were running at the time. This would be a comfort in this regard because sometimes we have many active simultaneously and close apps one by one is an awkward task.

You will also add a new feature to Siri as the concept of Theodore. This would be the call Spelling Bee with which the problem that Siri does not recognize what we are saying would be solved. She would ask us to deletreáramos the word in question and learn for next time.

Developments regarding the viewing screen come in with the Round SpringBoard. In this case, we could choose between 3 models interface according to your preferences. The options would be the Zoomed mode, with the enlarged view of the screen, and Normal mode Circular mode as the interface of Apple Watch and which we discussed in a previous article showing how it would on an iPhone.

Music and video

As for music, would be several developments that might come with iOS 9. On the one hand, a new feature called Automatic Playlist by language, with which the new music app to automatically recognize the language of a song and proposed to add Playlist as the corresponding language. Also, new features such as the option to configure a playing song as the ringtone, for example, simply by tapping the bottom of the screen to access the menu that would show us this and other possibilities would be included.

In the same application for music, we would find two new intelligent functions. On the one hand the Smart Sleep Mode, through which we ask Siri every 5 songs if we are awake. If so, pressing any button or answering the music still sound. If no response is produced, in 10 seconds Siri drew the music automatically.

On the other hand, the Smart Shuffle function would help us find the best songs and albums according to the criteria introduced based on the environment, the place where we meet, weather, climate, an activity we do, a special occasion as it can be Christmas …

In the application for Video, RSS technology is incorporated to obtain a combination of all streaming video applications available on the iPhone in a single feed. In this way, we would have in one place all the sources from which envision videos.

Clock on the lock screen, App Learn and Support

IOS 9 We could download widgets from the App Store and customize them the Clock Lock Screen. With the OS update could also get a big change in the current app Tips (Tips) which would become Learn. This would teach us everything we need to know about iOS and would be a great help especially for new users of the iPhone and its operating system.

Support application finally becomes the tool that everyone has been waiting for and that would help us solve any problems that might appear on the iPhone through the functions include. With Button Control (controller buttons) we could change the use and function of buttons and assign virtual buttons on the screen. The Bug Reporter beta versions would be available in this section as well with this concept, and this would help track errors encountered.

With the Accessories function, we could verify the correct operation of all accessories such as charger or headphones. To perform a diagnostic test of the tangible elements of the device, we would have the hardware option that would verify that the sensors, microphones, speakers, buttons or mobile signal or Wi-Fi are in perfect condition.

Finally, within the Support app service, we would find help to solve problems connecting us with the best experts from Apple around the world. This feature called Genius Bar allow those experts remotely detect existing problems by diagnostic tests and apply solutions to software problems. It would be possible even book an appointment Genius Bar for hardware problems.

In the above video, you can see with dynamic all that I have detailed throughout the article about this new concept designed by Ralph iOS 9 Theodore images. We’ll see if the future iPhone 7 comes with some of these features in your operating system.

Do you like all these ideas to incorporate into the future iOS 9?

Opinions About iPhone Battery

iPhone Battery review

I see that I am not alone in his five will eat the battery, and is the second I have because I changed. In a month that I have it, only one day has endured me the battery 19 hours with 7 use, but to me what freaks me really, is that I put to charge at night, unplugged, and when I get up to 5, I look, and I get four hours sleep, use 1.10 hours and was sleeping. No application running in the background, the truth is that there are days when I give cane, but not usually, and I mark up to 7 hours of use, without having used more than three hours. Bad business this battery. You spend a pasture on a mobile, for esto.¡¡Ojo !! My%, not change it for any other mobile. Is clear.

iPhone Battery Backup

I also noticed in the Apple Store sucking an awful lot of battery. I activated the indicator as a percentage, which are disabled by default (why not see how low?) Battery and consumed at a rate of 1% every two minutes, which I think is outrageous.

You could recommend that will turn off all notifications and automated queries mail, but honestly … do not expect much more. Because of this feature of the iPhone, I probably will not buy the new iPhone 5; which it is amazing, by the way.

Last Review

Karma, you are lucky with your batter.Yo, my latest tests: Charge overnight, 3G and BT off (for Whatsapp do not need 3G, enough to have mobile data enabled), the next night at rest without shutting down and the next night I leave again because already loading between 5 and 10% battery. This means, looking USE: ‘About 10 hours of use (between whats, talking, about 2 hours of music with GPS active by running, some messages, two or three updates app for wifi, etc ..) and -1 day and 12 hours standby. I think it has improved a little. regards

Why Battery Sucks?

It depends on the use you give him, the applications you use, etc. If you are in a group of whatsapp and receive 500 messages a day in that group, you have much vibration and sound turned off, the battery goes. I do not even let you have it with vibration. And the same with facebook notifications, post office, etc. If you use the Mail application against an Exchange server, check that you have the latest version of the OS. One of the latest versions (not the last), entered loop to synchronize Exchange. And other applications, check the location options, for example. Still I do not understand why you need the application of the GPS AS. And as such, many.

iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy Edge Camera

For recording we chose a fully automatic mode, and the maximum resolution. iPhone, in this case, takes in 4: 3 format, and Samsung with LG – 16: 9. So do not be surprised to different formats of photos in the original, we are not to blame

About brand camera features a new iPhone (Live Photo, 4K-video) we have already mentioned in the full smartphone review. Here, I will focus only on the quality of recording directly.

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When taking selfie on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s difference is noticeable to the naked eye: 5 megapixels from 1.2 megapixels still. Less noise, higher detail. pay attention to the texture of the skin is much smoother in the picture iPhone 6s, and not by artificial blur, but due to higher granularity.

When compared with Samsung and LG are the advantages of the new Apple smartphone selfie gone – then similar modules, offering intimate picture quality. With stronger default antialiasing.
Love selfie – the new iPhone will suit you. It is at least better than the previous one. But not better than the flagship Samsung and LG, so it is not particularly rejoice.

Let me remind you that the iPhone 6s have the opportunity to use the screen instead of the flash to illuminate the face (the first time such a feature has appeared on smartphones and LG L Bello LG L Fino). It gives an even illumination, but weaker than using a normal flash. This can be useful when taking pictures in the shade in the afternoon. By the way, this opportunity was before – with a special application FrontFlash, now Apple it just puts in the default smartphones.

Recording selfie from the iPhone 6s bit: in addition to selecting the timer flashes and selection of exposure. At Samsung GALAXY S6 edge +, for example, there is a very cool feature is the panorama selfie: at its expense can fit in the frame of the maximum total. According to the width of the lens angle of all the heroes of our comparison are roughly equal.
Portrait of daylight

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iPhone 6s camera well suited for portraits – warm colors are good for the skin better than cold in Korean flagships. Someone might say that iPhone «yellow», but it is not – skin tone more natural look is Apple’s smartphone.
To shoot a portrait iPhone 6s fits perfectly through proper bodily hue. Detail is not as important as for the scenery, so you can imagine that you have the best smartphone kamera.V this situation can not go wrong.

In detail iPhone 6s occupies an intermediate position between the iPhone 6 (which of course he wins) and Samsung with LG.
Portrait of artificial light

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When shooting a portrait with artificial lighting, we see that the Samsung GALAXY edge + shows the best results: the picture is smooth, with good detail and minimal noise. LG G4 is close, but paler and without a contour sharpness. New iPhone a little less noisy than the old one, but the attention to detail and smoothness of the image is not as good as the Korean smartphone.

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According to CROP it may seem that Samsung has coped with the task worse than others, but this is an illusion – affects a smaller depth of field, the focus was on just the center of the frame. On the whole, the picture is the Samsung has turned the most sharp and clean, with little noise (note the petals sprinkled on the border – far smoother it looks on the Samsung picture).

The other three smartphone kept on a par, but the iPhone 6s, we see an unexpected failure of the white balance – too cold, unnatural hue.
Shooting with artificial lighting

Download original (the first example)

The situation when taking close-up similar to the one that we have seen in the macro, only the iPhone 6s made better color rendering and, perhaps, by smoothing the beat not only the iPhone 6, but LG G4 – the picture is less noisy. Samsung apart from the competition.
The secret to Samsung GALAXY S6 edge +? There is about the same camera as LG G4, but Samsung is leaving due to software processing. Contrast, clear and vibrant pictures – very cool! iPhone – in the red.

Download original (the second example)

At long shot with artificial light Samsung again beats all its sharpness and minimal noise. But note that, in spite of the lower noise level at 6s compared to the previous iPhone, this is due to the murder of small details.
Flash Photography

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Here, disputes. On the one hand, the Samsung wins all by drawing the details, and white balance, but on the other – the foreground is too separated from the rear, which is not read. Bright object on the dark background looks worse than an object, more logically inscribed in the situation. Both the iPhone in this respect, the situation is better – but the iPhone 6 wins 6s at the expense of the best white balance. At LG G4 good detail, but the shot kills the bad white balance.
Shooting text

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In shooting mode, the text comes out unexpectedly winning last year’s iPhone. The clearest picture. Samsung and 6s are tied for second place – GALAXY edge + sharper, but the American smartphone a higher contrast image. LG G4 does not work out very confident this situation – the picture is dark, hard to achieve maximum clarity.
Shooting in the dark

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When shooting in the dark, the results expected.
Apple has deceived us, disagree. 6s worse shoots in the dark than its predecessor: noise and eats parts. Sadness. A to LG G4 – both on foot to China.

This is due to the fact that for the same amount of iPhone 6s sensor has 12 megapixels, and iPhone 6 – 8. The greater the number of pixels inevitably leads to a reduction in their size and, consequently, the deterioration of their sensitivity.

Wins the match by shooting in the dark LG G4 with a very good result – a little noise, decent detail, the color balance of a cold, but is close to correct. For smartphone is a great job. Samsung GALAXY edge + works in this situation is much weaker, but still slightly exceeds both the iPhone.
Shooting with natural light

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Pretty simple story is complicated by the fact that I was shooting against the light, but the lenses of all smartphones cope with a difficult situation well. Well much better than its predecessor, the detail in the picture iPhone 6s. But LG G4, and Samsung edge + win here Apple smartphone through better sharpness. LG Picture a little paler, Samsung has more contrast and saturation of the image, due to which it looks more attractive.
Shooting with natural light, a second example

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The situation with the shooting of architecture all smartphones cope well, these pictures are not ashamed to compare with those that we can do to SLR cameras.
iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 have a very pleasant, natural colors when shooting landscapes. Love to shoot Russian latitude, parks or the concrete jungle of skyscrapers, sunsets, sunrises? Then you can take.

I want to draw your attention to the color reproduction: both iPhone more soft and natural colors. But it has a downside – a look at the white painted detail – the iPhone is finally yellow, whereas cold LG with Samsung the right color. And there is no noise.
Shooting with a strong foreground

Download original

Picture with a strong foreground all test participants make confident. The infinite depth of field in the camera smartphone, when the front and rear are the same in field – are gone. In detail and sharpness situation is roughly the same as with the usual landscape – Samsung leads for LG it, then the iPhone 6s and closes the table iPhone 6. But the colors are closer to the reality of both devices from Cupertino.
Landscape with HDR

Download original

Every smartphone today can shoot HDR – automatically glues few frames, taken with different exposures. No exception and the new iPhone. And he does it great, surpassing the quality of the image (sharpness, details) is not only the previous iPhone, but the LG, which has obvious problems with the post-processing. At LG picture blurred and poorly detailed. Samsung wins here again – a clear contrast and detail are evident.
Opinion Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru

iPhone 6s – not the best smartphone on the photographic quality, no matter how convincing us otherwise its creators and many Apple fans. Once the iPhone was in the lead (hello, iPhone 4 almost perfect!), But competitors do not sleep and produce cool camera. Sorry, I smartphones with steep cameras.

Ratings flagship smartphone based on our comparison test:

Samsung GALAXY S6 edge +
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6

Samsung GALAXY edge + vygdyadit best competitors in most scenes – except, perhaps, shooting in the dark. Sharpness, contrast, detail – all gorgeous. Slightly coldish color – weakness (notice about the portraits). Good sharpness and LG G4, but it outperforms all in night scenes and plays Samsung only daytime.

In the iPhone 6s, of course, there are advantages: good color, no obvious failures, and finally something decent selfie. But the poor performance in the dark, unstable white balance, sharpness and low detailing all ports. Koreans here in a clear benefit.

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